About Portlander-Miamian

A Portlander transplant living in Miami for the last five years. At this point Portland and Miami are equally home to me.

I love the city of Miami and living here. This started as an attempt to make and document a Miami Bucket List of sorts.I wanted to share restaurants, sights, and organizations that I experience and enjoy in the city. I have celiac, so I especially like to highlight the gluten-free options in Miami (and when I am traveling).

With trips home to Portland and two summers spent working in Philadelphia, I branched out to include outside trips. I love to travel and would love to one day do nothing, but travel. At this point though, Miami isn’t a bad place to be living and working at all!

Check out the categories at top to help navigate around the website.

*All pictures on here are my own, unless stated otherwise, please ask permission before using them for any reason.*


The Miami skyline (or at least what it looked like in 2012) from the water



4 thoughts on “About Portlander-Miamian

  1. Welcome to Miami! And thanks for stopping by MiamifoodadVice.com! I’m actually a Seattle transplant by way of Raleigh, NC (Tasty Triangle was my blog there) I haven’t written since November but have lots of new places to review. Ciao!

  2. Read your reviews about the Pincho Factory in Westchester. I called to see if the toston burger was gluten-free. The girl who answered the phone didn’t know so she asked the chef. They said they would have to call the owner. Called the Coral Gables Pincho Factory and they said the toston burger is NOT gluten-free.

    • Thanks for sharing that Rachel! I was told differently on my first visit. Will have to investigate. I also believe I saw it mentioned by one of the owners in an article, but that might have just been the author’s assumption. Will have to see if it’s something about the burger itself in the spices or something or if there is something unusual about their tostones (which should just be plantains). I wonder if it’s due to potential cross-contamination in a fryer. I will make a note at top when I’m near a computer until I can find out more.

  3. Hey, Portlandermiamian! We really enjoy your work from your October 2015 trip to German Village in Columbus, OH. I work for the non-profit that promotes historic preservation in the area and we’re redesigning our website. We would love to use your photos if you would be so kind to give us permission. We of course would give credit to Portlandermiamian. Please email me at mweiss@germanvillage.com. Thanks – German Village Society

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